The royals are still as busy and as controversial as ever. It's safe to say that there's no dull day when it comes to reporting about the royals and those who shunned their royal positions. The recent update involves Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle.

Prince Andrew Will STAY Mum Ahead of Court Hearing, Which He Might Skip Anyway

According to an exclusive report by Mirror magazine, Prince Andrew will maintain a "wall of silence" in the lead-up to a key court hearing about the rape charges thrown at him. But then sources added that he and his legal team might even decide to skip the hearing if the day comes.

The Duke of York is reportedly lying low because he remains engaged in tense discussions with his legal team as they ponder how to face the accusations of "rape in the first degree."

He is being sued in the US by Virginia Giuffre and unlike a normal accused, Prince Andrew seems to have more leeway about staying under the radar because he is a royal. 

The duke, 61, has noticeably decided to just ignore everything so far. He has not responded to the civil law suit lodged in New York on August 9, and also did not make a public statement in the face of the controversy. The public is getting irate and impatient but it appears that his best strategy so far is to just not utter anything.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Slaying MORE Personal Demons

Meanwhile, oceans away, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, even though having decided to permanently vacate their senior royal positions, seem unable to move on from their royal ties.

Allegedly, Prince Harry's upcoming memoir will naturally cover more of his "negative" experiences and one of the themes to be covered in it is his true feelings about Camilla. 


According to Princess Diana's former butler himself, Prince Harry may target Camilla Parker Bowles in his upcoming memoir.  "After the reports she was involved in his parents' marriage and then stepped into Diana's shoes as Charles' wife, I suspect Camilla will be in his sights, so I'd say Harry's set to reveal any Camilla secrets," Paul Burrell said.

If true, the palace will be rocked once more, since he's technically going after his father Prince Charles as much as he's going after Camilla. The future king will be livid.

Meghan Markle on the other hand, will reportedly not just stay silent after her "personal" aggressor in the body of Piers Morgan was given the Ofcom verdict that he has done nothing wrong in lambasting her after her bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview. She reportedly refuses to not be the one to have the LAST word in this feud.  A royal expert has told The Sun that if Meghan does hit back, an "even deeper" divide between the Royal Family and the Sussexes can be created. 

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