Johnny Depp will no longer appear in the next "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie even if fans continue to sign the petition to bring him back.

Disney sources end the waiting game for Depp and his fans as they confirmed how the actor already lost his Captain Jack Sparrow role for good. What's worse is that the beloved character will not receive a proper closure and just die off-screen soon.

The sources refused to reveal whether it will happen in "Pirates of the Caribbean 6" or in Margot Robbie-led spin-off. However, the insiders disclosed that the character will die.

It only means that Depp will no longer be part of the franchise in any way. This also contradicted what producer Jerry Bruckheimer suggested about the character.

For what it's worth, The Hollywood Reporter said that the producer was considering bringing him back in the franchise. Bruckheimer reportedly opened up about the potential Depp cameo in the next installment.

Still, fans can relax for a moment as one source also revealed that Captain Jack Sparrow faked his death.

"Several characters will reportedly discuss whispers that he's faked his own demise in order to escape the latest bounty on his head, thus leaving the door ever so slightly ajar for a return down the line," the insider said as quoted by Express.

This will allow Disney to bring Depp back if the studio realizes "Pirates of the Caribbean" will not be the same without the actor.

Fans to Boycott "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Despite that slight chance, fans continue to warn that they will boycott the future "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie if Depp does not appear in it.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "We #women should #boycott any future "Pirates OTC" by #Disney if they ever make one without him. Commit to a boycott unless @jonnyDepp is in it."

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"Boycott the new pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny Depp isn't in it #JusticeForJohnnyDepp," another wrote.

Nothing is clear as of the writing since Depp is also busy preparing himself to finally win the defamation case he filed against Amber Heard. The trial over the $50 million lawsuit has been rescheduled several times, and the estranged couple is now set to exchange evidence starting April 11, 2022.

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