R. Kelly's longtime assistant gave positive and negative statements about the disgraced singer.

On Monday, R. Kelly's staff, Diana Copeland, revealed that she was asked to make false confessions before claiming she never saw any form of abuse.

Per Copeland, the R&B singer, once told her to change into a robe to prove that she was not wired. Through her 15 years of service, R. Kelly reportedly made her cry numerous times whenever he got heated.

She particularly testified that he established strict policies for his entourage. She was also forced to write a letter to falsely admit she stole something from him.

Despite that, she noted that she never saw him conduct any form of abuse the accusers have been insisting on - including kidnapping and sexual assault. This somewhat put the spotlight out of the statements the witnesses said in the past weeks.

Copeland disclosed once-unknown details about the singer's unusual routines.

According to the assistant, R. Kelly lost control over his bank account that he never knew "where his royalties were going."

"He didn't even know his own Social Security number," she revealed. "That was a huge problem."

R. Kelly's lawyers also said that he truly has trouble in reading and writing. Per Copeland, she composed his text messages for him before the voice-to-text applications were made.

New Testimony Involving Aaliyah

During the same Monday trial, Jane Doe - who once served as one of R. Kelly's background dancers - reportedly witnessed the singer having intercourse with her when she was only 14 or 15 in the 1990s.

Jane Doe, the 10th accuser in the Brooklyn trial court, went by the name "Angela." After revealing the sexual relationship she had with R. Kelly, she also noted that she saw the singer performing oral sex on Aaliyah.

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The event reportedly happened when she and one other woman tried playing a prank game while on tour. After deciding to prank R. Kelly, they went to the back of the tour bus and saw a slightly opened door. From there, they saw the two having intercourse.

Upon seeing them, Angela reportedly closed the door and never talked to the singer about it.

R. Kelly faces racketeering charges and eight counts of violations of the Mann Act. The trial will continue for a few more days before the court releases the verdict.

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