Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been enjoying their time as a married couple after tying the knot a few months back, but one report alleges that there's a tension going on behind the scenes, and they're currently on the verge of breaking up; is this true?

According to a report published by the National Enquirer, the newly-weds are close to separating because of their plans for their careers.

Per an insider, Stefani will have her Las Vegas residency starting this October, and Shelton will go on his "Friends and Heroes" tour this year.

Their hectic schedules are the alleged cause why the couple is planning to break up. The source added that this would be the first time the pair would spend a "significant amount of time" without each other, and the disappointment is already visible on their faces.

In addition, the insider said Shelton is having doubts going on separate ways. The report concludes that the pair have been spending time with each other almost every second, so their careers would take a toll on their relationship.

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Rumors Debunked

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the claims, saying that most magazines and publications have created a negative narrative ever since they dated.

Furthermore, the outlet suggests that it's easier for the pair to adjust as they have been seasoned performers over the years now, so going on tour for a few months is no big deal.

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The outlet added that Shelton could easily visit his wife in Las Vegas whenever he is touring.

In conclusion, the report was proven to be false as the couple has been regularly posting pictures of each other on social media.

A few weeks ago, Stefani shared a video of her and Shelton singing on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

Not The First Rumor About Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

In early reports, the publication mentioned above previously released an article saying Stefani is unhappy with her husband's weight.

The report suggests that the country singer has been eating a lot of food after they got married. This led him to gain weight, especially in his face, and his wife isn't having any of it.

Following this, the report was also debunked by the outlet mentioned above, saying Shelton doesn't look drastically different today compared to photos of his wedding.

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