Jamie Foxx seems ready to start a new chapter of his life as he was photographed holding hands with a mystery woman before entering a nightclub in West Hollywood.

According to The Daily Mail UK, the actor arrived at Poppy with a mystery woman. Foxx wore a beige fur plaid jacket while his date sported a fitted raw sienna dress accessorized with an orange purse. The pair seems to have color-coordinated with each other's outfits.

Aside from the two, four other women came out from the same mini-van who transported the rumored couple.

After the report was published, fans immediately expressed their speculation on the woman, saying she's possibly the actor's relative.

"It's probably a relative she not the right color I mean type lol." One fan wrote.

"A cousin, a Niece? Don't be too quick to assume she's a mystery woman." Another fan wrote.

At the time of this writing, the woman's identity remains a mystery, and Foxx has not publicly addressed the issue.

Jamie Foxx's Relationship History

According to Ranker, Jamie Foxx has dated numerous women throughout his career. His most recent rumored girlfriend is Sela Valve, a 21-year-old singer. The pair was first spotted leaving a nightclub in 2019, days before his breakup with Katie Holmes was confirmed.

Holmes is Foxx's most famous ex; they reportedly started dating in 2013, a year after the actress' divorce from Tom Cruise. Their relationship remained a secret until 2015. The former couple split in 2019.

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Olivia Munn was also rumored to have dated Foxx when they posed on the red carpet together during Mayweather and McGregor's fight in Las Vegas in 2017.

Aside from the names mentioned above, Foxx also reportedly dated rapper Lil Kim from 2007 to 2008, model Ashley Scott, Dolicia Bryan, Nikki Giavasis, and more.

Foxx had daughters from his exes Connie Kline in 1994 and Kristin Grannis in 2009. The actor was never married to anyone before.

Jamie Foxx Not Made For Marriage?

Speaking to Men's Health for his October issue cover, the actor revealed that he never thought marriage was for him.

"Some people can want to be married their whole lives, and then some people cannot want to be, I just never thought marriage was for me. I used to tell some of my friends, 'You belong to the universe.'" Foxx said. (via Yahoo! Life)

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