Dale Moss and Clare Crawley have officially broken up and addressed the world about how it happened and what happened after they ended things.

According to People, a representative of Moss stated the couple's split. The source had said the two had gone their separate ways last September in New York City when Crawley had visited the athlete to spend time with him.

The 40-year old then decided to head back home to Sacramento after the break-up and just told Dale to send her things there.

What Happened After?

Clare's family's circumstances had brought the ex-lovers together again just a few weeks after ending their relationship.

The publication mentioned that the celebrity's mom has dementia and Alzheimer's disease, which had worsened during the weeks she had been there. "Dale chose to immediately fly out to Sacramento to be with her," the star's representative continued to say.

However, due to some "work obligation," Moss had flown out to Los Angles the next day. According to the statement, he "had every intention to travel back to Sacramento" to comfort and support Clare, "but his number was blocked."

"It is unfortunate that the next time Dale heard anything from Clare it was on social media," the announcement clarified that it was "impossible to communicate" with the TV personality after.

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Clare Crawley Responds

After Dale wishes Clare "nothing but the best" and "keeping her and her family in his thoughts and prayers," he never addressed the circulating rumors involving him and co-star Abigail Heringer.

US Weekly reported that Clare chose to respond to all the questions about her relationship through social media as she posted a picture of herself holding onto her mom's hand on Instagram.

"I'm choosing not to speak right now on the details of my relationship," Crawley wrote in the caption. "What I will speak on is emotionally and physically I'm going through a lot with healing from my recent surgery still, and my mother being placed on hospice care now."

The surgery that the starlet was on was the breast implant removal that she had undergone. She then continued to say that she is focusing her energy on "grieving, healing and being present at home."

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