Is Warren Beatty sick and dying?

People who have seen the Hollywood legend on the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opening gala continuously asked the worrying question online. Internet users noted how Beatty's friends are also concerned about the actor as he recently appeared looking thinner than ever.

National Enquirer reported this week that the 84-year-old film star attended the event and looked like he was not in good health. As he walked with his wife, Annette Bening, sources described him like he "looked more codger than Casanova."

"His hands looked withered, bony, and veiny, and his posture was stooped. It looked as if he was having a hard time standing up and getting around," an insider said.

The 84-year-old star contributed more concerns since he has not been joining any projects since 2016. With that, his fans are reportedly assuming that the actor would go into an unofficial retirement.

Warren Beatty Still The Same Star From The 1960s

Beatty began his career in the 1960s, and it's 2021 now. Obviously, the actor no longer looks the same way he did decades ago.

Thus, there is nothing concerning about his health at all. Although he looks slimmer, people at the same age also notice their thinner physique as they grow older.

As for his career, multiple news outlets have already noted that he has been at the top of Hollywood for years. His success began when he scored his first film role "Splendor in the Grass" in 1961. However, he began to step out of the limelight in order to take care of his health instead.

In an interview with AARP The Magazine (ATM) in 2016, he shared how despite not appearing on shows anymore, his power still has not dimmed.

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His wife revealed that there is always something private about everything he does. Still, they open about it to each other.

"But we talk a lot about everything. Some people pay lip service to listening to others and they're really not listening. He does. He loves actors, and while he's shooting he's always interested in what people are saying. He's a terrific audience," she said.

Beatty also proved that he is fit and healthy when he suggested he would have been in the sports industry if he did not become an actor.

Thus, those types of reports should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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