Queen Elizabeth II was seen sporting a walking stick when she returned to Westminster Abbey after 12 months. The monarch wore a dark blue outfit with black gloves. Recently, a royal expert weighs in about Her Majesty's situation, saying she's sending a signal that she won't "slow down" soon.

According to Express UK, the public presumed that the Queen would step down from her royal duties after Prince Philip passed away in April, and she would pass on the throne to her successor, Prince Charles.

However, royal expert Duncan Larcombe, who spoke to OK! Magazine, says otherwise.

He slammed the presumptions by saying she may be seen with a walking stick, but she is "no Queen Victoria."

Lacrombe explained that the late monarch "became a recluse" following Prince Albert's death.

The former Queen reportedly wore black every time she went out and spent the remaining years of her reign building memorials for her late husband.

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"The Queen has sent us a signal since she's got back from Balmoral and that signal is 'I'm no Queen Victoria', and maybe the stick plays into that." the royal expert noted.

The walking stick is also a significant indicator that the Queen won't be stepping down anytime soon as she has a lot of things over the past few weeks, as written in her diary, Lacrombe said.

Her Majesty's recent appearance means it's "a statement of intent," and she's using the stick to support her, but it also means the Queen is much busier recently, and she spends more time on her feet.

The Queen has a lot of work to do over the next few months as she's expected to attend the CCOP26 summit with Prince Charles and Prince William, as well as her Platinum Jubilee celebration next year.

Queen Elizabeth II Not Stepping Down From Royal Duties Before Her Platinum Jubilee

In early reports, royal historian Hugo Vickers said the Queen would not step down from the throne and would continue to fulfil the promise she made when she was crowned Queen in 1953 following her father's death.

The historian said Her Majesty would not abdicate as she's anointed Queen, unlike other European monarchs.

In addition, Vickers mentioned that it would be "completely illogical" if she steps down before a big celebration.

Royal expert Joe Little noted the monarch's speech when she was still a Princess in 1947, saying, "whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."

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