Queen Elizabeth's 2022 is going to be full of festivities as she's set to celebrate her 70th anniversary as a monarch, popularly known as the Platinum Jubilee. However, as the royal family marks Her Majesty's milestone, Prince Andrew will face legal action from his alleged victim Virginia Giuffre.

According to court documents obtained by Express UK, the Duke of York will have to do a lot of things with his case as significant dates have been revealed recently.

First, the Prince will have to file a "joint pre-trial order" regarding his ongoing civil case by July 28, 2022, weeks after Her Majesty is due to celebrate her long-awaited anniversary on the week of June 2.

Aside from the date mentioned above, the Duke is expected to provide an "expert witness" on or before May 13, 2022, as well as supply "rebuttal expert witnesses" by June 13.

The outlet's royal editor Richard Palmer recently took to Twitter to share the news writing, "Prince Andrew is going to be quite busy on this civil court case right through the key months of the Queen'sPlatinum Jubilee year, as things stand at the moment."

Palmer also shared the court document, which shows the significant dates for Prince Andrew's civil case. (check out the image below)

The paper also revealed other dates which are due this year, including "no additional parties may be joined," and "no amendments to the pleadings will be permitted," which are both on or before December 12, 2021/

UK courts have acknowledged the legal documents, but it took a long time for them to accept it as Virginia Giuffre's camp had difficulty serving the Duke legal papers.

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Virginia Giuffre's Case Against Prince Andrew

38-year-old Virginia Giuffre claims she had three sexual encounters with Prince Andrew after she was groomed and trafficked by the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Her legal team is suing the Duke of York for unspecified damages, which was filed in New York court.

Legal documents show that Giuffre believes the Prince knew she was underaged and a sex-trafficking victim at the time of the alleged sexual encounter.

The Prince has vehemently denied all the accusations against him and states that he has "no recollection" of ever meeting her in the past.

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