The chart topping singer, whose phenomenal career has exponentially grown from her early teen years through the sensation she is today, has been known for her iconic ponytail look. It started out as a high ponytail: the kind that made people around the world formally recognize the ponytail as a legitimate style choice rather than a last minute, didn't-watch-my-hair-last-night strategy. There was a time when Ariana Grande being seen without her high ponytail would have been like Bella from Twilight being seen without her complicated romantic life: unheard of.

Of course, however, growth happens. No ponytail stays high forever. In an earth shaking moment Ariana Grande sported a low ponytail on the cover of her album, Sweetener. This 2018 historical moment captivated the attention of many. With Ariana Grande at the helm, we felt safe. Low ponytails no longer belonged exclusively to 18th century messenger boys delivering word about tea taxes and horse murders (what happened in the 18th century...?) With Sweetner, the low and loose hairdo was given the recognition as a refined and elegant style choice it deserved.

We have also seen her hair, more recently, in a fluffy-headband style. Even though not up in a ponytail (WHICH IS SIGNIFICANT), we still can't call this hair down. No one's hair sits that way naturally. If anyone would have hair that was that fluffy naturally, it would be Ariana Grande, but that is not the case here. This picture was featured on her 2020 ablum cover, Positions. As we all know by now, the album is as ICONIC as the star's hair. The album and the hair showed us all that she was evolving. Grande was growing up, and the hair was slowly coming down.



They really do grow up so fast. Today on Instagram, the award winning singer posted a GORGEOUS picture of herself, stylistically sideways, with her hair COMPLETELY DOWN! While there are one or two other pictures from the past few weeks in which the singer has shown off her long locks, their stylized essences didn't solidify the change as openly as today's picture. Even Hayden Williams, a British fashion illustrator, commented on the post "It's the hair being worn down more often for me ". OH WE KNOW HAYDEN! WE KNOW!

Grande looks absolutely FABULOUS with her new hair-do. If the slow de-elevation of hair has been the singer's way to show growth, this is her way of telling us that she's all grown up! However, if there's any other major hair style changes the singer is planning to make in the next few years, we would all love to see them.