Having worked in the television industry for decades, Ellen DeGeneres has sealed herself as the highest-paid TV host of all time. She reportedly has an annual salary of $50 million. More recently, one report alleges that the icon is using her latest business venture as a way to get easy money; is this true?

According to a report published by Life & Style, the host's latest skincare line doesn't thrill fans after announcing her new business venture named "Kind Science."

Some fans pointed out the irony of the name as one source said it sounded like a "joke" at first. Others deemed it as "tone-deaf."

The report suggests that the public hasn't gotten over her toxic work environment scandal, which took a hit at DeGeneres' career.

Despite the "Finding Dory" voice actor's apology and change of actions, many fans are still suspicious about her motive for the said brand.

The insider said people are calling her latest move a "quick cash grab by someone who's worth $370 million and doesn't need any more money in their bank account."

Ellen DeGeneres Quick Cash Grab Issue Debunked

After the report was published, Suggest debunked the story by pointing out the TV host's true intentions behind her skincare brand.

Her co-founder, Victoria Jackson, explained the reason why they released the brand is that it's "important for the industry."

She said that when women get old, they think the only way to cover their age is by putting on a lot of makeup on their faces, thinking they would look younger.

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Jackson clarified that as people age, the public wants to look great, but the brand will change those misconceptions.

In addition, the outlet said the report wrote that the 63-year-old personality doesn't need the money, meaning it's unclear that the host intends to get easy money.

Ellen DeGeneres' Skin Care Line

According to Biz Journals, the famed host of "The Ellen Show" recently launched an age-positive skincare line that offers seven daily-use products.

DeGeneres developed the products after struggling to find a non-irritating skincare routine for her skin type. Her skin became sensitive over years of working on a set with hot lights and wearing makeup almost every day for her show.

"Kind Science isn't about anti-aging because aging is a good thing, it shows you've lived a lot, learned a lot, and hopefully laughed a lot. I want to keep laughing, just with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles!" she said.

Her products include hydration cream, eye cream, neck cream, cleanser, radiance oil, exfoliant, and cleanser.

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