Many royal fans and experts believe Meghan Markle wields more authority in their marriage than Prince Harry.

The former Hollywood actress has been portrayed as the severe and cruel wife of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since their wedding.

Are these statements, however, true?

Meghan Markle Is In Charge Of Prince Harry's Spending And Keeps Track Of It

Meghan Markle's strictness has reached a worrying level, according to a new report from Life & Style, since she is now monitoring Prince Harry's expenditures.

According to a source, the revelation comes as a surprise because the Duke of Sussex is the one who brings in more money to the couple's residence.

They pointed out that if Meghan didn't marry the British prince in 2018, she wouldn't be allowed to work in the same capacity as she does today.

The mother of two said in a recent interview that she never buys anything online without using discount codes or coupons.

Meghan Markle maintains she is extremely concerned about her finances, despite the fact that she and Prince Harry have a lot of money.

According to a source who spoke to the outlet, "Meghan says she's just being mindful of their finances since she grew up on a budget, but checking Harry's credit card statement definitely crosses the henpecked line."

"He's a grown man who can check his own statements. Meghan clearly likes being in control, though. She doesn't like surprises."


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Prince Harry Changed

Prince Harry was said to have "totally transformed" since meeting Meghan Markle last year.

According to a source who talked to Page Six, the 36-year-old former royal began spending less and less time with his old and longstanding pals, and he stopped being the "laddish, laidback figure he had been."

"He grew more reclusive and secretive," they added.

"It's almost as if Meghan has seized control of his life," the person continued.

According to the source and other royal fans, the Duchess of Sussex was the one who persuaded her husband to leave the royal family.

"She is the one who most wants to return to Canada and California, where she feels at home, and raise their son, Archie, away from Buckingham Palace's oppressive and invasive politics."

Still, these stories should be taken with a grain of salt.

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