Aside from studying the character of Patrizia Reggiani for her role in "House of Gucci," Lady Gaga also embodied the embattled socialite through her sense of fashion with the help of her stylists. More recently, Mother Monster's hairstylist revealed the insane amount of money they spent just for her wigs.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Fredric Aspiras, the Academy Award-winning actress' hairstylist since 2009, opened up about the more than 55 brunette looks for the movie.

During their five months of shooting the movie in Italy, Lady Gaga gave him a piece of significant advice on styling her, saying that she doesn't want to see "Lady Gaga" on the screen.

Over the 55-plus wigs they used on the movie, ten of them were custom-made by Aspiras himself. He revealed that the wigs alone cost over $10,000.

The price tag for the singer's wigs may come as a shock to the public, but Aspiras mentioned that it is a vital tool for the actress to "really delve into the mind of" Patrizia Reggiani.

During the hairstyling process, the stylist used the same way of a 1970s hairdresser since the film is set during that period.

The research was gruesome as he had to prepare a 450-page directory of different looks from the script given to him.

He studied interviews of Italian women, interviewed people who knew Reggiani, and watched documentaries to make Lady Gaga's wigs as accurate as possible.

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Aspiras wanted the hairstyles to "transport" the audience to the timeline when the story took place.

Despite him being new to the world of film production, he pushed the boundaries and insisted that they use more wigs as possible.

Aspiras said the director of the film, Ridley Scott, only wanted to have two hairstyles for the whole movie because he wanted the editing to be easy.

He added that Scott never talked to him on set because he was "this young kid," but he proved that he spent countless hours researching the hair. After showing his 450-page directory, the stylist said he became "hands on."

It took Lady Gaga to prepare four to five hours every morning just for her hair. In comparison, Jared Leto underwent six hours daily for his prosthetics as Paolo Gucci.

"We colored every hair, every wig, to make you feel like she went from rags to riches, It's just that kind of dedication," he added.

Lady Gaga Has Over 5,000 Wigs In Archive

In a previous interview with Refinery 29, Fredric Aspiras mentioned the "caretaker" of Lady Gaga's wigs.

He revealed that he has a warehouse for all of her hairstyles which are more than 5,000 wigs.

"They're my babies. I kind of have a warehouse for them. I think I have well over 5,000, but I haven't ever really counted," he said.

During Gaga's Artpop era, Aspiras said they use six different wigs every show, and every time she leaves the hotel of a specific city, they need to come up with a new look and new color.

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