Speculations believe that Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend Aubrey Paige has been pressuring him to leave his $74.5 million Los Angeles mansion, and there, her reason is related to the TV personality's exes.

One report claimed that the Instagram personality never liked the idea of living in the same house that Seacrest used to share with his exes. According to OK! Magazine via Suggest, the "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" star had no choice but to move out of his New York apartment anytime soon, as Paige told him so.

They further stated that Paige hates the idea of living in the same place that Seacrest shared with his previous lover, Shayna Taylor. She was said to be "adamant" that they both need a change of environment.

Paige's Solution

An insider revealed, "Aubrey isn't comfortable sleeping in the same bed that [Seacrest and Taylor] did, and who can blame her."

And as the source continued, Paige has one way to answer their problem as a couple. If it is possible for the famed TV host to drop a price on his Los Angeles mansion, and a buyer gets it, he can use the money to buy a brand new New York City pad.

In 2021, Seacrest cut $10.5 million off the asking price for the estate, but it was still listed at a $74.5 million asking price. The informant added," Aubrey's getting impatient and wants Ryan to fully commit to the relationship, but friends are telling her to let him move at his own speed."

"After all, he's used to calling the shots!" they concluded.

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Is it True?

As Suggest would investigate, the article is "hard to believe" as no additional source could back up the claims. The couple has been private about their relationship ever since they have gone official, as confirmed by multiple publications a year after Seacrest's break up with Taylor.

In an Instagram post made by Paige, she captioned, "Safe to say the best part of 2021 was meeting the most incredible man. Wishing everyone love, happiness, safety & health in 2022." She even attached a couple of photos with Seacrest, looking like things are doing fine between them.

And as the source would say, the budding couple appears to be going strong, and there is no reason to believe that they have a conflict with where they want to live.

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