So, remember yesterday when we were talking about how Twitter has so many opinions about who should host the Oscars this year that The Academy may as well just have them pick?

Yeah, turns out that might be exactly what's happening.

 Last night, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asked Twitter - VERY TENTATIVELY - who they might possibly want to be the first Oscars host in three years; and predictably, the public response was massive. As we already discussed, Ricky Gervais was a clear frontrunner early on:

But as the tweet became more widely shared, of course the stars of the most popular movie of last year came into play as well: Tom Holland, Zendaya, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire are some other names that have been floated a lot.

They're not the only actors from this year's popular media to have their names put forward: Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez seem to be popular contenders as well.

And in an amusing turn of events, many users feel the safest and friendliest option would simply be to have the Muppets host - which would be fun and definitely inoffensive, but probably logistically too difficult (Miss Piggy would require far too much from the hair and makeup budget.)

Also, in a similar vein (though we think this tweet was specifically to antagonize a certain four-year-old red monster.)

There's also been a big push to have TV show characters host The Oscars - not the actors who play them, the characters themselves. So, for example, Jason Sudeikis, but only as Ted Lasso.

And yet another unusual suggestion had YouTuber CinemaSins, AKA Jeremy Scott, threw his hat into the ring - and that would certainly make for an entertaining night.

The Academy seems to want to play it a little safer this year, though, because there's at least one tweet that they already replied to and seemed to love:

 Angela Lansbury would be an excellent choice: She's classy but still funny, she knows the business like few others do, and they'll be able to sate the constant nostalgia cravings of the general public because she's been in everything, including Beauty and The Beast. Plus, the recent death of beloved actress Betty White - only three years Lansbury's senior - has everyone remembering that these wonderful people won't be around forever, and we should take advantage of having their voices and wisdom here while we still can.

BUT, while we're still throwing out random suggestions, here are a few more we loved:

No matter who they decide is hosting, The 2022 Academy Awards will take place on March 27. Nominations will be announced next month, on February 8.