'Thor: Ragnarok' Cast: Will Jane Foster Ever Return? Natalie Portman Reveals Marvel Future [VIDEO]


Goodbye, Jane Foster.

Thor's astrophysicist and leading lady is ready to sever ties with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Natalie Portman portrayed the Asgardian hero's love interest from Thor through The Dark World, but, in the wake of a little behind-the-scenes Marvel Studios drama, it appears the actress is out of the picture. Portman will not appear in next year's Ragnarok, nor is she currently scheduled for Phase 3 or Phase 4.

"As far as I know, I'm done," Portman told The Wall Street Journal. "I don't know if maybe one day they'll ask for an 'Avengers 7' or whatever I have no idea. But as far as I know, I'm done."

Apparently, Portman's experience on the set of Dark World was less than ideal, according to Movie Pilot. There is little doubt that the star's previous gripes played a factor in the removal of such a high-profile character. Should writers choose to incorporate Jane into a future film, they always have the option to recast her. It's a move blockbuster franchises try to avoid at all costs, but not one the MCU has shied away from in the past.

For now, it looks as if Thor (Chris Hemsworth) will turn his romantic attentions to Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. Known as Brunnhilde, the MCU newbie leads a group of valkyries who shepherds souls to the halls of Valhalla.

Under the direction of Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok stars Hemsworth, Thompson, Idris Elba (Heimdall) Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Karl Urban (Skurge), Cate Blanchett (Hela), Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), and Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster). The cast is currently in the midst of filming ahead of a Nov. 3, 2017 release.

Click the video below to see a preview for Portman's final Thor outing.


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