The Election is officially less than one week away, and the race is tighter than ever between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

As Americans prepare to take to the polls and express their support for one candidate ort another, the celebrities they follow on a daily basis have made no qualm about voicing their support for one candidate over another. Several have expressed their support for Donald Trump, despite his not being the most popular candidate amongst a large portion of Hollywood.

Here are a list of celebs who have voiced their support for Donald Trump:

Aaron Carter

The singer, while admitting he didn't support everything Trump says, did admit he was a supporter and would vote for him in November in an interview with GQ  

Antonio Sabato Jr.

He spoke on behalf of Trump at the RNC

Jon Voight

The actor officially endorsed Trump earlier this year

Kirstie Alley

The actress officially endorsed Trump back in April, noting that she was a woman who supported him at the time

Omarosa Manigault

The Apprentice star and vocal supporter of Trump has even threatened that those who speak out against him will have to "bow down" to him when he wins

Sarah Palin

The former VP Candidate was one of the first to endorse Trump, praising the fact that he wasn't a politician

Scott Baio

The actor has been one of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters, and even spoke at the Republican National Convention on his behalf.

Stacey Dash

The outspoken Conservative actress voiced support for Trump after the Orlando Nightclub shooting in June, stating that the violence would not go unanswered if Trump was president

Stephen Baldwin

The actor, who was on The Celebrity Apprentice and who's brother Alec has been impersonating Trump on SNL for months, has voiced his support  

Ted Nugent

He praised Trump, saying he would "kick a** and take names,' something he felt the country needed

Teresa Guidice

The Real Housewives star has not only been vocal about her support for Trump, but even referred to him as a gentleman and attacked his accusers of sexual assault for not coming forward earlier

Tila Tequila

The reality star voiced her support for Trump last year

Willie Robertson

The Duck Dynasty star spoke out on behalf of Trump at the RNC