Meghan Markle is turning out to be a great help for Kate Middleton during her pregnancy. Prince Harry's future wife has been helping the duchess get through the first few months of her pregnancy with meaningful visits.

Third Pregnancy

Middleton's third pregnancy is no different from her first two. When she was pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge suffered severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum. Now seven months into her third pregnancy and she still finds her condition challenging.

According to a source, attending royal engagements has become harder the later the duchess gets into her pregnancy. Although she would often nod yes when acquaintances tell her it gets easier every time, the truth is the duchess finds it difficult. Still, she smiles for the camera to make it look like she is not having any trouble at all.

"It's taken quite a toll," the source said.

Fortunately, the duchess has people she can rely on including her future sister-in-law Markle. The former Suits star reportedly often drops by to visit Middleton for a cup of tea or a chat. It makes it easy for her to pay Prince William's wife a visit because she lives with Prince Harry at the palace's Nottingham Cottage, which is just a short walk to Kensington Palace. The pair would chat over a cup of tea and Markle would often offer health advice.

"She shares tips she's read about healthy eating," another source said.

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Aside from helping the pregnant duchess get through her third pregnancy, Markle also visits Middleton to ease her pre-wedding jitters. The duchess has reportedly also been helping Markle slowly integrate into royal life.

"Meghan may appear confident when on royal walkabouts, but she does have some pre-wedding butterflies — not about Harry, but about her new life," a source said.

Middleton knows much more about being a royal because she married Prince William in 2011. Likewise, she has spent more time with other members of the royal family including the British monarch Queen Elizabeth. The duchess would be the perfect person to help Markle adapt to her new life.

"I'm sure Kate will do all she can to help Meghan. She had audiences with Queen Elizabeth quite often and was taught to behave like a future Queen," a source from Bucklebury, where Kate comes from, said.

Palace Visits

Markle will have a sheltered life when she becomes Prince Harry's wife. She can no longer just jog around Hyde Park, go to gym classes or live a normal life. Instead, she may find herself at Kensington Palace more often since she really has nowhere else to go but visit Middleton and Prince William.