Cardi B got quite a scare when she was at a fest, not for her performance, but for an incident that nearly had her golf cart tipping over.

The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker was in DC on Saturday to perform for the Broccoli Fest. A video surfaced and it showed just what transpired while Cardi B was still off stage.

The video showed Cardi B sitting at a golf cart that will take her from her trailer to the stage. However, a security guard hopped on the back of the vehicle which prompted the cart's front wheels to be lifted from the ground.

Fortunately, the golf cart Cardi B was in was surrounded by bulky guards that immediately got a hold of the situation. After the little incident, she made her way to her performance. Pretty sure that she wasn't just the one who got nervous of the mishap.

Anyone who saw the clip might have felt terrified for the mom-to-be specifically because of that. Needless to say, Cardi B's pregnancy should be far from any accident.

Last Performance

Cardi B, who seemed to be more blooming than ever, had purple hair during her latest performance, which she said was also her last until she gives birth to her baby girl with Offset. The "MotorSport" singer admitted she's not feeling a hundred percent during the performance, but the crowd pretty much enjoyed what she brought to the table, even singing along to her tracks.

While she mentioned that it would be her last performance, it wasn't at all a surprise. The 25-year-old, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, already announce via Instagram that she would be cancelling some of her shows to focus on her pregnancy.

Cardi B cited her growing belly which made it hard to move and made it hard for her to breathe. Her move is totally understandable, considering the nature of her work that would require performance after performance and at the same time dancing and traveling.

With the recent video, it is also safe to say that she made the right decision to take a hiatus for her pregnancy. Just imagine how scary it was for Cardi B who is bearing her first child during the near-fall of the golf cart.

Meanwhile, Cardi B and Offset are expecting their first baby in July. However, they have kept mum on the gender of the baby but fans are mostly guessing that it's going to be a girl. Eagle-eyed and quick-thinking supporters were able to screenshot the sister of the rapper Hennessy Carolina's Instagram post that used the pronoun "her," which was later edited out.