Katy Perry Ends Feud With Taylor Swift, Sends An Olive Branch And Letter To Her 'Old Friend'

The Katy Perry-Taylor Swift feud may finally be over after the former sent an olive branch and called the blonde singer "an old friend."

After almost five years of being overshadowed by their so-called feud, the two singers finally made amends of late. On Tuesday, the 28-year-old "Reputation" hitmaker shared to her fans via Instagram Stories how the "Hot and Cold" singer extended her arm by sending her a sweet apology note and along with it is the traditional symbol of peace, an actual olive branch.

It isn't clear when Perry wrote the letter but it ultimately came right on time as Swift was opening her "Reputation" tour that night, which meant it could also double as a lucky charm. But what's crystal clear was that the "Delicate" singer definitely was swept away by the move.

"Hey old friend. I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and feelings between us, and wanted to clear the air," the letter read.

Perry also said she was "deeply sorry" but the envelope covered the half part of the letter leaving other details to imagination. Furthermore, the letter seemed to be sealed by a sticker of Perry's dog, Nugget.

No matter, this just paves a new way for Perry and Swift to start friendship anew and throw out the window the bad blood that has accumulated for the past years. Of course, many fans would be delighted that the two singers finally decided to leave everything behind.

History Of The Feud

After all, the fans have seen how the feud started and even grew into a public issue because the two have been squabbling quite unsubtly about it. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, Swift admitted that her song "Bad Blood" was about a backstabber, and though she didn't outright named Perry, many speculated that it was indeed the 33-year-old.

Swift then narrated that what drew the line was a 2013 incident wherein the supposed female artist tried sabotaging her tour by getting the people working for her. Weirdly enough, Perry hit the pop singer with a track, which appears like songs are easily made for enemies.

Perry released "Swish Swish" that seemed to take a jab at Swift and even talked about their feud when she was a guest in James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. There, she explained that her former friend started the hullaballoo and that she should end it.

However, it was since last year that Perry had been hinting that she wanted to put an end to her feud with Swift. She said during an interview that she was "absolutely, 100 percent" ready to release the issue and she even apologized during the time.

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