Kylie Jenner became the latest victim of trespassing among her family after a man trespassed inside her property in Los Angeles.

This week, authorities put a 35-year-old man under their custody for entering Jenner's property and refusing to leave. Multiple news outlets added that the man planned to confess his feelings to the beauty mogul and did not want to leave until he was able to do so.

Meanwhile, the security of Kylie Cosmetics' mogul said that they knew the man since they already saw him before. Whenever they asked him to leave, he always complied, unlike the recent incident.

One source compared how the guy acted "differently" this time. The suspect reportedly refused to give in and told the security he would not leave until he sees Jenner.


Unfortunately for him, the team detained him until the authorities arrived to arrest him.

Following the trespassing incident, he received a charge of a misdemeanor for trespassing and eventually got released.

Not The First Incident

The Kardashian-Jenner members are no longer unfamiliar with this kind of incident.

Before Kylie, Kim Kardashian dealt with a man who has reportedly been harassing her online. The KKW Beauty Mogul also said that the same man sent her a creepy package that includes a diamond ring and an emergency contraceptive.

Kim filed a temporary restraining order against another man who, she believes, tried to break inside her home. Her security said that it was the same guy who has been showing himself up since February.

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What's worse is that the man shared a self-made marriage certificate that reads, "Queen Kimberly is sitting up in thy big castle alone waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor."

The Jenner's sisters faced the same man who first entered Kendall's pool naked before showing up at Kylie's home after his release.

The recent events caused everyone in the family to reserve a whopping amount of budget for their security.

Caitlyn Jenner once told her co-campers on the ITV reality series "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" that her daughters' popularity caused them to get the best security.

"Everywhere. I bet you Kylie would spend anywhere between $300,000- $400,000 a month," Jenner divulged. She added that the amount is a small price to ensure her safety and security.

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