Award-winning artist Dani Kristina returns with her latest single, a disco-pop banger titled "Gambler," accompanied by a music video that is both glamorous and sensual.

Dani Kristina in
(Photo : Dani Kristina YouTube Channel)

Inspired by her own personal experiences and drawing from those around her, "Gambler" is a rather mature reflection on the how relationships look and feel like - with Dani Kristina perfectly capturing the anxiety of whether love is actually reciprocated in the song's lines, "Losing sleep, not playing fair/ When did I become a gambler?/ Laying down the play/ But losing every game/ Raising my own stakes 'til I/ How could I lose myself tonight?"

Additionally, it is visually presented with a fitting music video concept that features TikTok superstar and En Flique Creative founder Katarina Mogus (@katamogz). Set in between intoxicating casino backgrounds and sober rooms that feature only Dani, the "Gambler" music video weaves in between what is literal and what is figurative. Scenes of Dani Kristina and Katarina Mogus having fun in a high-stakes game woven with Dani singing alone and asking "How could I lose myself tonight?" creates an image of its own.

Aside from featuring Katarina Mogus, the music video was self-directed and edited by Dani Kristina herself, with support from famed cinematographer Paul Persic to bring the unique vision to life in vividly haunting detail.

For everyone who has stepped into a relationship unsure of the future, Dani Kristia and her latest disco-pop track "Gambler" is a perfect mood. Listen to the song closely and listeners would find a musicality that sounds similar to Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus, with the rhythmic sensibilities of Mark Ronson.

About Dani Kristina

Making her debut with the EP "Aura," Dani Kristina has immediately captured the hearts and interests of listeners, establishing herself as the latest pop artist to watch out for. Soon after she entered the music industry, the Canadian artist has earned the Mississauga Music's Best New Solo Artist Award and Best Pop Video of 2020 from Canadian media outlet Dropout Entertainment.

Drawing from countless inspirations including Halsey, Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, and more, Dani Kristina has proven herself capable of writing her own hooks and bangers. Trained as a classical pianist and vocalist and writing over 600 songs in her teenage year, Dani has now found her niche - crashing into the industry as a confidently creative artist whose diverse musical roots put her in a unique position to experiment with music, understanding its complexities in doing so.

The young musician grew up around Toronto, Ontario in Canada where she spent her formative years enjoying different music genres and in the process, cultivated her own unique sound. She currently works with Grammy-nominated artist Trevor James Anderson, Katarina Mogus of En Flique Creative, and other Toronto-based talents, Dani Kristina is working tirelessly to pursue her own vision and sound.

To stay updated on her latest projects and releases, follow her on the Official Dani Kristina website, as well as on her social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch the music video for "Gambler" below:

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