Amid Bill Gates' divorce with estranged wife Melinda Gates, much information regarding the billionaire's behavior has been uncovered. More recently, former executives detail the things they witnessed while working in Microsoft.

An anonymous ex-employee recently told Insider (via New York Post) that they witnessed the CEO "lying on top of a woman" early in the morning during a company trip in a ski resort in 1988.

The person claims that the two were "snuggling" even though Gates was already dating Melinda at the time.

Following this, another former executive named Maria Klaw, who worked from 2009 to 2015, claims that the Microsoft mogul allegedly dismissed diversity efforts in their board meeting more than a decade ago.

Klaw mentioned the board members suggested that the company should include more diverse executives in the future, to which Gates allegedly replied, "Are you trying to effing destroy the company?"

Another ex-employee claims that Gates has a habit of berating his colleagues as he "yelled at everyone the same."

Bill Gates exposed for being a "toxic boss"

As we previously reported, the world's fourth-richest person was accused of having inappropriate behavior and romantic relationships with colleagues amid his marriage with Melinda.

The tech whiz reportedly required his employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement for him not to be exposed in the media.

He was also described as "unrelenting" and "condescending" whenever an employee missed a deadline.

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Bill Gates Melinda Gates' messy divorce

In early reports, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their split after 27 years of marriage.

The ex-couple took to their social media accounts to share the unfortunate news.

Although the reason behind their separation was not disclosed, a lot of news has been circulating online about Bill's alleged affair with other women.

As we previously reported, an engineer sent a letter to The Wall Street Journal. She claims that she had a relationship with Gates for several years.

Following this, the billionaire resigned from his position in Microsoft after the executive board advised him to step down as the affair was "inappropriate."

Bill Gates has not publicly commented on the recent claims and the extramarital issues in the past.

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