Together with the release of her latest track "PSYCHO," multimedia icon Dixie D'Amelio caught up with Audacy host Julia in the latest Check In episode.

Dixie D'Amelio (R) on the Audacy Check In with Host Julia (L)
(Photo : Audacy)

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Now setting off into the music industry, the TikTok and YouTube superstar has now dropped her last name and is going as the singer "Dixie." In her Audacy interview, Dixie says: "I felt like for music it would be cool to just have my first name. No one really has my name and is doing music... I was like let's switch it up a little bit."

She then shared how music has played a significant role in her life, starting when she was just three years old, describing music as being always a part of her life and her journey. Once she started gaining followers on social media, the 19-year-old singer also shared that she started recording at once, looking for a way to have music a part of her life once more.


When Julia asked her about working with singer-songwriter Olivia O'Brien, Dixie couldn't help but gush over the "Josslyn" singer, ""I love Olivia. She's so sweet... I've loved her forever so getting to work with her is just so cool."

Dixie also shared being a Directioner, or a One Direction fan, growing up, which makes her collaboration with its former member Liam Payne a fulfillment of her childhood dreams.

Now, with her latest single "PSYCHO" out on music and video streaming sites, she shared how she also co-wrote the track and the excitement of telling the story behind her. The concept from her latest track comes from a friend's relationship, as well as the tales she finds online. Describing it as a fun song with a dark twist, the new song contains visually charged lyrics painting sweet moments, but with a sinister angle.

Aside from pursuing her music career and growing her social media empire, Dixie is also a co-host for the Audacy podcast "2 CHIX," together with her sister Charli D'Amelio. As for the experience, Dixie tells Julia that her favorite part in the prodcast is the time she has with Charli. While they spend time together, working on the same podcast as co-hosts allow them to talk and share insights with each other.

Listen to Dixie's "PSYCHO" below:


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