Rapper T.I. has faced a handful of controversies after being accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women over the past few months. Recently, he revealed that he was arrested overseas; is he finally facing the consequences of his actions?

Taking to Instagram, the rapper posted a video of him sharing a story on how he got arrested in Amsterdam because of a minor issue.

The "I Wish" hitmaker stated that he was biking in the country's streets while using his phone. The rapper revealed that his handlebar crashed into a police car's side mirror as he crosses the road. (watch the full video below)

Following this, he was arrested and was under the custody of authorities. However, he mentioned that the officers were chill and didn't handcuff him as he was being escorted to the backseat of their vehicle.

T.I. was immediately released because he took to Instagram live following the incident where he detailed that he didn't make up the story and he "wasn't tripping."

A friend of his commented on the Livestream saying his experience was "b*******," but he quickly shut it down by saying, "everybody has a bad morning." (via TMZ)

In the live video, fans recognized him as he sat down in a restaurant to take pictures and order drinks.

T.I. and his wife are celebrating their 11th anniversary in the country, and the outlet mentioned that they're going to the Netherlands after their trip.

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T.I., Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Under Investigation

In recent updates regarding T.I. and his wife Tiny's sexual assault allegations, the Los Angeles Police Department had opened an investigation to gather more details surrounding the issue.

Dozens of women came forward, including an airforce military veteran, accusing the couple of sexual assault, harassment, drugging, and abuse.

In January, Sabrina Peterson took to social media to expose the couple of their violent actions after the rapper allegedly pointed a gun to her head.

Another woman came forward and revealed that the couple touched her unwantedly in a bathroom where she was undressed without consent.

Rachelle Jenks, another accuser, stated that the couple had allegedly drugged her a decade ago. She claims that she was forced to have sex with women in the past.

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