Get ready Netflix is re-upping on controversial comedians as Michael Che new comedy special Michael Che: Shame The Devil plans to hit the streaming service in a little under two weeks on November 16th. The stand up comic, anchor of Weekend Update along side Colin Jost on SNL is known to ruffle feathers.

In an episode of Quest For Craft with Quest Love, Che hints that his art may cause chaos. He says "I think chaos is almost everything. I think its like when you're cleaning your house or cleaning your room → It's always messier when you start cleaning. To finally get it clean you have to take everything out. I think that's what happens in joke writers. Specifically, you're pulling from all of your feelings from how you feel about everything then you're trying to figure out what makes sense first."

The special was directed by Kristian Mercado and produced by Irony Point will have a lot of eyes on it after all the conversation surrounding Dave Chappelle's last special The Closer. In a hilarious joke on his Instagram page Che wrote "I wanted it to come out sooner, but we decided to wait till Netflix workers used up all of their walkout days. Look, I don't want any trouble." The Che: Matters comedian even posted a screengrab of an article saying he hasn't apologized for his transphobic past. So it looks like people might be gunning for him before even hearing a word of his new special.

Michael Che came under fire earlier this year for some jokes from other people that he shared about Simone Biles. It seems like emotions are on high after the last four years and all of America's past but one thing is for sure on November 16th people will be tuning into Netflix to hear what Che has to say.

Tell the truth - Shame The Devil.