Are fans going to be disappointed with yet another Kanye West delayed album release?

One of his former collaborators, DJ Toomp, said that he knew Kanye's upcoming album, "Donda," is still not done by the time he debuted it at the Atlanta listening event last month.

The Grammy-winning rapper played a version of "Donda" during the listening party at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Jul. 22, ahead of the album's initial release date of Jul. 23.

Unfortunately, the album didn't materialize on the date and will be released on Friday, Aug. 6.

DJ Toomp attended the iconic listening event and said his first thoughts upon listening to the album.

"I hope the album doesn't sound like this."

He went on to say, "' Donda' sound like that could be dope. If I were in the studio with 'Ye, I'd say, 'Is this shit going to drop anywhere? Cause you build us up and we thinkin' that shit going to go crazy.

"But right when you think a beat's gonna drop, that shit go to another song."

He then questioned, "And that's why I was like, 'Ah. This album must not be finished.'"

This wasn't the first time Kanye West has delayed the release of his albums.

Longtime fans of the "All of the Lights" rapper know that he fiddles with his songs until the last minute - sometimes, even after it was released.

His album "The College Dropout" was scheduled for release on Jan. 27, 2004, but released on Feb. 10.

"Late Registration" was also late - the initial release date was Jul. 12, 2005, then pushed to Aug. 16, then Aug. 30.

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," one of Kanye West's masterpieces, was set for release on Sept. 14, 2010, then Oct. 12, was released Nov. 22.

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The long-teased collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye West in an album was also delayed, but only for a few days.

"The Life of Pablo" was exclusively released on Valentine's Day despite initially being set for Feb. 11.

"Ye" the album was done when they gave the release date, but the Yeezy creator had to return to the studio and re-record some of the songs. It was released in a little under a month.

"Jesus Is King" is a month late. Initially set for Sept. 2019 and then released on Oct. 2019.

Now, fans will have to see if "Donda" will be released on the second date Kanye West promised.

But if there are further delays, it wouldn't be surprising for the fans anymore.

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