Selena Gomez and Chris Evan's rumored relationship heats up as fans pointed out another clue that the two might be seeing each other; what could this be?

Taylor Swift recently took to TikTok to post a video along with her "bestie" Gomez. The two were hanging out at the backstage of "Saturday Night Live," where Swift performed over the weekend.

After the clip circulated, it amassed 15 million likes on the platform. (watch the full video below)

 @taylorswiftOH NO @selenagomez #snl #swifttok  ♬ Oh no my bestie is a bad b - Luke Franchina 

Following this, fans immediately noticed the singer's outfit and pointed out that it has a striking similarity to Chris Evan's white sweater in the movie "knives out."

Another fan took to the social media platform to share a video, saying the matching outfits were not coincidental.

According to Page Six, the singer's sweater is slightly different from what the actor wore in the movie. She wore a $48 cropped high-collar top from Zara, which is currently sold out.

On the other hand, Evans wore an Aran cable knit sweater.

Fans Went Wild Online

After the abovementioned videos made rounds on the internet, many fans expressed their excitement on social media.

"I am losing sleep trying to figure out if Chris and Selena are together, Taylor is our last hope. what does it all mean, Taylor?? I KNOW YOU KNOW," one commented.

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"it's not a coincidence it's a freaking hint," another one wrote.

"i hope selena gomez and chris evans are actually dating," one tweeted.

Selena Gomez, Chris Evans Truly Dating?

 Despite the ongoing speculations, neither of the two have confirmed whether they're dating or not.

The rumors began swirling when Evans started following the singer on Instagram. Fans went wild immediately and posted several edits on Twitter.

Gomez dropped a hint a few months back when she was a guest on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live."

She was asked about her biggest Hollywood crush; her answer was the "Knives Out" actor.

"I kinda have a crush on Chris Evans, isn't he cute? He's very cute," she said.

Fans also went wild when the actor posted a video showing off his musical skills by playing the piano. The footage seemed normal at first until one supporter pointed out that there was a reflection of a woman in the lower part of the clip.

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