Kelly Clarkson may be in big financial trouble after it was reported that she must pay over $200,000 monthly for spousal and child support.

According to a source who told People, a Los Angeles judge sees that Clarkson is not required to pay the said amount forever.

The spousal and child support is just temporary "until a final settlement is worked out."

Clarkson will pay Blackstock, a music management, $195,601 per month, or $2.4 million per year, per the terms of the agreement. The singer must also pay $1.25 million to her estranged husband's lawyers expenses and costs in connection with their pending divorce. 

In early reports, it was revealed that Blackstock is not working as a music manager anymore; he is now in charge of their Montana ranch.

Clarkson's estranged husband is also not making money as he used to when he was managing the singer and her "The Voice" co-coach, Blake Shelton.

However, Shelton is still a client of Blackstock, but they spend "minimal time regarding his representation."

Kelly Clarkson 'Desperate' To End Divorce Case

In previous reports, the singer seems to be desperate to end the ongoing divorce case with Blackstock.

Her lawyer reportedly filed legal documents for her to be legally single. She wants to tackle financial issues, custody, and more in the future.

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Who's Parenting Kelly Clarkson, Brandon Blackstock's Children?

The singer was granted primary custody of their kids, River and Remy.

At first, Blackstock previously requested joint custody, and he wants his kid to live in Montana and Los Angeles from time to time.

However, the judge ruled that the children are considered minors and not Montana residents. Clarkson's legal counsel, Attorney Laura Wasser, also argued that the situation would be detrimental for the kids.

Blackstock is still allowed to see his children as the judge gave him an arrangement that enables him to visit them at least three weekends every month.

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