December is finally here which means that, despite all odds, 2021 is almost at its close. While it has been a year filled with ups and downs, vaccines and variants, there is one glistening corner that has remained sparkling for all three hundred and sixty five days. The movies and TV shows that came out this year were absolutely spectacular. From Netflix to HBO Max, we can be confident that the cinematic masterpieces that came out this year are sure to be the cornerstone for many a, "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THAT?" conversation.

We all know it is far more fun to be the speaker than the listener of that sentence. Don't worry! There is still time for you to save yourself. You have four weeks before 2021 turns into 2022, and that, regardless of how much proactivity you took or how much procrastinating you did, is plenty of time to catch up with what you may have missed. Here are eight shows and movies you need to see before 2021 comes to an end!

1. Squid Game - Netflix

Squid Game Stills
(Photo : Netflix )

The indisputable must-see show of the year is none other than the chart topping, record breaking Squid Game. The series was a sensation on and off the screen - anyone else here remember the prank phone call scandal? Not only was Squid Game the highest ranking show of all time on the streaming platform, but the Korean drama changed the TV viewing game throughout the world. It has promoted the viewership of other foreign dramas, regardless of language barriers. After your done with Squid Game, check out these other foreign language shows you should have watched yesterday.

2. King Richard - HBO Max 

WILL SMITH as Richard Williams, DEMI SINGLETON as Serena Williams and SANIYYA SIDNEY as Venus Williams in Warner Bros. Pictures’ inspiring drama “KING RICHARD,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
(Photo : Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

If we are talking 2021 must-see chart toppers, you absolutely MUST watch King Richard. This incredible film starring Will Smith follows the amazing true story of Serena and Venus Williams. It received an almost unheard of 100% completion rate during its first weekend out on HBO Max. The film is an absolutely unmissable cinematic experience. You simply must see it before midnight hits on December 31st. Don't worry. You have a month. 

3. Only Murders in the Building - Hulu 

5 People We Think Did It on Only Murders in the Building
(Photo : Hulu Only Murders in the Building )
Charles on Only Murders in the building

Every year needs a quirky, hilarious murder mystery. If you haven't yet filled that gap in the year 2021, make sure you watch Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. The show, starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, is the top rated Hulu original comedy series of all time. Just today it was announced that Cara Delevigne will be joining the cast as a recurring character for season two. You need to make sure you're caught up before the next incredible season hits the screen! 

4. C'Mon C'Mon - In Theaters 

C'Mon C'Mon Poster
(Photo : A24)

Murder mysters are never black and white, but some of the best movies are. C'mon C'mon, the heartfelt A24 film about childhood, parenting, and love, is an absolute cure to your soul. When we reviewed the film, we found the leading performances by Joaquin Phoenix and young up-and-comer Woody Norman some of 2021's most powerful. It is a movie that makes you visceral aware of what you, with every motion, action, and moment, are putting out into the world. It is an instant classic: a movie you can DEFINITELY not call your year complete without. 

5. Ted Lasso - Apple TV 

Ted Lasso
(Photo : AppleTv+ )

Speaking of shows that absolutely fix your soul, you simply cannot end this year without watching Ted Lasso. You can't. It's not allowed. This feel good comedy, starring Jason Sudeikis as the optimistic, kind American football coach in London will leave you feeling better than when you sat down to watch it. The show, as we have previously discussed, does an excellent job teaching its audience about the importance of mental health without hitting them over the head with it. Fans love this show. They made fan art to prove it! Ted Lasso premiered its second season this year, and it has left us all begging for season three to come out as quickly as possible! 

6. Tick, Tick...Boom! - Netflix 

andrew garfield and lin manuel miranda at the tick tick boom premiere
(Photo : Getty)

This year was absolutely MAJOR for movie musicals with an insane amount, as you can see here, being created. You can watch any of them you so choose, but your year will not be complete until you have watched Tick, Tick...Boom! This semi-autobiographical movie musical starring Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson and directed by Lin Manuel Miranda does a seamless job blending the movie and musical mediums. As can be seen in the Tick, Tick...Boom! trailer, the story is an inspiring and classic story of a writer trying to write. You don't want to miss it. 

7. Power Book II: Ghost - STARZ 

Power Book II: Ghost
(Photo : Starz)
Power Book II: Ghost

While every year needs its feel-good films, they also need their times of high stakes drama. The newest season of Power Book II: Ghost is the drama fix that your 2021 needs. This series created by Courtney Kemp, who is officially leaving STARZ for Netflix, is an incredible story of family, power, and determinism. The passion the actors feel for the world is visceral when watching the show. In an exclusive interview, Melanie Liburd exclaimed that, "Everyone's passionate about everything." Be sure to get in on this passion before the year ends! 

8. The French Dispatch - In Theaters 

Elisabeth Moss and Owen Wilson THE FRENCH DISPATCH
(Photo : Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved)

What would the year be without a new, quirky, Wes Andrson instant classic? The French Dispatch was an immediate box office hit, securing the number one spot in its first weekend out in theaters. Dune and the French Dispatch, which both feature Timothee Chalamet, premiered the same weekend. If you're feeling extra ambitious you can watch both films before the year is out! I promise that in both, as our research shows, Timothee Chalamet looks like an inanimate object could beat him in a fight. He does a phenomenal job acting in the movies though! Be sure to check them out! 

Look at those easy, eight, accomplishable watches! You can definitely get through those before the year is out. Once you do, remember that you can spend all of 2022 turning to friends saying: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THAT?!